Testimonials … 

Dulcie listened attentively to my desire to make changes in my life. She spoke eloquently and helped to understand that I can change. I was very inspired by her dedication to help others.

Support Administrator

Dulcie was natural and great at asking questions. She provided great summaries of each session and allowed me to deeply think. I was able to go to my GP after 2 years of needing to; and to go to the park to relax after work, something I had not done in over 6 months. I was also able to look at what I could prioritise and what I could leave instead of trying to do everything. This made me feel so much lighter. I’d recommend Dulcie and thought she was good at picking up body language and making me feel comfortable, even on Zoom.

Deputy Service Manager

I have received coaching sessions from Dulcie which helped me in clearing my thoughts and seeing things in my life that I need to work on in a practical and tangible way. Before Dulcie came into my life, I was going through a period where I was not getting the help through talking through with someone who could help me. This is not to say I did not have friends to help me, what I mean is, I didn’t get that kind of coaching help on a regular basis as I used to get. Dulcie filled that gap. She listened to me, and I felt she was approachable and not looking down on me. She was gracious in letting me share my issues and she stirred me to be more proactive by facing the things I need to do which to a great degree I was already doing but I was not very organised. By this I mean, she helped me not complain but asked those questions that helped me see all I need to do is what I am already doing but in practical ways and steps go through the problems. Break it down; if there is a problem, there is a solution. She is relentless at asking those questions to make you write down those steps. She also helped me see myself better and take steps to correct my otherwise alternative thinking. She is very patient and courteous.


I had a very supportive and empathetic coach who was able to unravel my confused thoughts to identify the real issues which I was able to own.
Her ability to challenge me with searching questions means I came away from the sessions with clarity and this has made a difference to how I think and operate especially at work. I have started a new role knowing that the former triggers of stress no longer have that negative impact as I am already prepared to deal with them.
Life itself is a journey and I am determined to enjoy

Medical Doctor

For the last 8 years I would say I’ve been in a low place I had lost my identity and come out of a toxic abusive controlling emotional marriage. I was afraid, shame, guilt, people pleasing, resentment, anger, low self- esteem to name but a few. I didn’t realise I could simply say NO!! I needed help to move forward, Dulcie provided me with the tools to overcome obstacles however small and insignificant I thought they were, she was supportive a good listener but also challenged and encouraged me to talk without judgement (which was one of my biggest fears of people being judged). She encouraged me to talk about MY feelings, something I found very difficult to do as a people pleaser. Dulcie gives me the tools to ask myself, what does Paula want? She always asks me what I wanted to talk about in the session. It’s amazing that something which you think is insignificant is a part of the puzzle or bigger picture. I think Dulcie truly loves the job she’s doing she is so caring and a great listener. My relationship with my teenagers has improved as is my relationship with my extended family and friends because I have learned that I have a voice too so taking back the control of my life is going to be very exciting. Thank you, Dulcie.

Business Owner