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For the last 8 years I would say I’ve been in a low place I had lost my identity and come out of a toxic abusive controlling emotional marriage. I was afraid, shame, guilt, people pleasing, resentment, anger, low self- esteem to name but a few. I didn’t realise I could simply say NO!! I needed help to move forward, Dulcie provided me with the tools to overcome obstacles however small and insignificant I thought they were, she was supportive a good listener but also challenged and encouraged me to talk without judgement (which was one of my biggest fears of people being judged). She encouraged me to talk about MY feelings, something I found very difficult to do as a people pleaser. Dulcie gives me the tools to ask myself, what does Paula want? She always asks me what I wanted to talk about in the session. It’s amazing that something which you think is insignificant is a part of the puzzle or bigger picture. I think Dulcie truly loves the job she’s doing she is so caring and a great listener. My relationship with my teenagers has improved as is my relationship with my extended family and friends because I have learned that I have a voice too so taking back the control of my life is going to be very exciting. Thank you, Dulcie.

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