Package 3: Transformational Change

Package 3: Transformational Change

The Transformational Change package (TC) is ideal for someone who wishes to seek a sustained and life changing experience leading to transformation in areas whereby you can experience growth in your personal or professional development. 

You may have experienced a taster of change in your life and wish to explore continuing change with encouragement and support from your cheerleader who will be right there with you.  This package is helpful to those who are considering moving home, career change, or new business venture.

We will work together in helping you  understand your uniqueness, core values, and your purpose and gifting to propel you into your future goals and aspirations.  The sessions will provide an opportunity to explore transitional changes such as career change, improving relationships with others, and look at limiting beliefs and how they can hinder you from reaching your purpose.  We will explore mind-set changes to enable you make the shift from where you are to where you want to be so sustainable change can take place.

During our coaching sessions together we will explore what is important to you at this present time and will explore different models and approaches (person-centred) to support your journey such as ‘Wheel of ‘Life’ and ‘Core Values’. 

We will identify limiting beliefs and mind-sets that may hinder you and will look at how to outcome these types of thinking to enable you become confident as you gain clarity and a deeper understanding of who you are as a person.  As your cheerleader, I’ll be supporting you all the way and will use coaching as a tool to help you as you transition into the new you.

What to expect and your commitment:

  • 30 minutes free discovery call on Zoom or telephone.
  • 20, 1-hour, fortnightly coaching sessions, over 10 months on Zoom.
  • Signpost to relevant materials, websites or books to support your growth and change.
  • Coaching Contract – sent via email.
  • Ongoing email and telephone support.

Total cost of sessions: £2,600

50% to be paid at the 1st session and 50% to be paid on the 5th session