Package 1: Laying the Foundation

Package 1: Laying the Foundation

The Laying the Foundation package (LTF) is suitable for someone who has had some experience or understanding of change in their lives and wishes to work towards continuing change and personal growth.  Perhaps, in pursuing a new challenge or direction in your life, you may be feeling stuck, overwhelmed or fearful. This package is for you.

You would like support and guidance to understand what might be getting in your way (obstacles), gain clarity, and reflect about the changes that you would like to achieve. 

The Laying the Foundation package  will help you stay motivated and focused in working towards your next steps. You will recognise what is holding you back,  develop confidence as your mind-set begins to shift, helping you make decisions that will lead to change and personal growth. 

The coaching sessions will include models, tools and practices from a person-centred approach, mentoring where appropriate and, sharing my own experiences to support you in the coaching experience. 

What to expect and your commitment:

  • 30 minutes free discovery call on Zoom or by telephone.
  • 6, 1-hour, fortnightly coaching sessions over 3 months on Zoom
  • Signpost to relevant materials or books to support your growth.
  • Exercises as appropriate to support your development.
  • Coaching Contract – sent via email.

Total cost of sessions: £300